Creating Lasting Health Transformations: What My Clients Say

Don’t just take my word for it. Read on to discover what others say about how working with me created lasting transformation in their health and life.

After many years of living in my head and being afraid of any type of therapy that I felt would endanger the strength of my mind, I have now come to the understanding through your support and your skills  that my assumptions, prejudges and fears were unfounded.

These assumptions, prejudges and fears prevented me from exploring, approaching and healing my traumatic past. It was only through the trust and safety that you were able to evoke that I felt able to approach hypnosis.

My fears were unfounded and I credit this to your ability to explain the process and put me at ease. I was able, for the first time, to connect with my younger self and follow the path of both adult and child due to the safety that you created. I now have tools in the form of imagery and breathing techniques that assist me in managing stress. I am now able to move towards resolving patterns with new techniques and processes.

I would now recommend to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy and whose personal development has been halted by having labelled it as scary, as I did that they get in touch with you.

Your warmth and commitment will enable anyone looking to take the steps they need to begin their healing journey to feel that this is possible and to feel unequivocally that they are in safe hands with you.

Karina, June 2019

I had the pleasure of having a hypnotherapy healing session with Jacqui Sansom back in March 2018 to deal with my allergy breakout which has been ongoing for the last 10 years. She came highly recommended as I have tried other modalities which has helped me to deal with other issues but somehow my allergy is one that just wouldn’t shift.

Jacqueline is very professional, took me to some deep places that I have/not been before. There were some tears but she made me feel so safe and relaxed and really enjoyed the session. The revelation from my session was that I have a belief that in order for me to heal I have to know how it all works and be in control. This knowledge has definitely put me on the right path to healing my body and my allergy has improved tremendously. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Tina, March 2018

I reached out to Jacqui at one of my worst moments, when the stress from my work had completely taken over and it was seriously affecting my physical and emotional health.

I was sceptical at first but Jacqui’s calmness soon put me at ease.  Jacqui’s first session was a one in a lifetime experience, it assisted me in transforming the pain I was feeling into my strength. 6 months on, I still feel the positive effects of our work together. Thank you, Jacqui.


Had a wonderful healing session with Jackie which was very successful as it released alot from my past so would recommend her amazing therapy. Jackie is a very professional caring lady with so much to give and help others. Thank you, Jackie.

Rosemary, 2017

I had come to the realisation that I needed some help with managing various difficulties in my life, and Jacqui talked with confidence about the different skills she could utilise to assist me.  I was able to be very open and honest with Jacqui about the extent of my difficulties and found her to be very empathetic to the pressures of my various roles at home and work.  We discussed the outcomes I wanted to achieve, and agreed on a package of twelve sessions to start with.  I initially struggled with considering myself worthy of this investment, but realised that I would be unlikely to make the changes I wanted, without professional support and guidance.  Ideally, I wanted to be ‘normal’ within the twelve sessions, but realised it had taken at least 15-20 years to get to this point and the would be no quick fix.  During the sessions with Jacqui, I realised that it had actually been my whole life bringing me to this point; along with the lives of my parents, and their expectations; and although I did gain a lot of insight, there is still work for me to do.

I was reluctant to delve into some of my previous experiences, and resisted Jacqui’s attempts to uncover further details.  Jacqui attempted various ways to encourage me, starting with encouragement, and was sometimes directive, if the gentler methods did not yield information.  Because of  Jacqui’s experience she is aware that the incidents which are most challenging to explore, often hold a key to the difficulties we have sought help for.

Through undertaking the sessions with Jacqui over an extended period of time, I have been able to gain more understanding over the reasons for my own behaviour, in addition to my responses to and understanding of how I relate to other people.  I have become more confident to discuss issues with my parents, putting across my memory or view of what happened, and hearing their explanation.  This has assisted me to develop greater understanding of myself, which has been hugely enlightening!  It is highly unlikely that I would be in this position without undertaking the therapy with Jacqui, as it would not have occurred to me.  I found the matrix re-imprinting and hypnosis particularly interesting, as my subconscious was accessible, and whilst I was aware of what I was saying, I couldn’t control it, therefore it was completely unfiltered and honest.  This was really helpful, because it meant Jacqui and I could gain an understanding of the underlying issues.

At the end of the twelve sessions, Jacqui recommended I undertake some further self improvement work with some resources, and to contact her again if I wanted to continue my work with her.  I was able to prioritise the face to face sessions I had with Jacqui, but I have not prioritised the further work in the same way.  Once I have gained some further understanding of myself, I would have no hesitation in approaching Jacqui for further sessions, or recommending her to others.  It is my view that working as a lawyer with children means Jacqui has a vast array of knowledge with regard to the range of difficulties both adults and children experience.  This places her in a unique position to have an understanding of how challenging life can be, a desire to assist people to be their best selves and the skills to help people achieve this.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, but not sure how to do it, or where to start, contact Jacqui, you’ll be glad you did!

Sarah Bell, November 2017

Thank you for a very interesting session, Jacqui. You took me skillfully down a number of options, opening up scenarios that could lead to insights, transformation and healing. Your confidence with the method and your gentle manner put me at ease. It was a lovely experience.

Shasha Balfour, August 2020

I worked with Jacqui at the end of last year. She was recommended to me as I had a very acidic relationship with my step-daughter to the degree that we often couldn’t tolerate being in the same room together.
This on occassions created an extremely toxic family life with everyone sparring and knocking metaphorical chunks out of each other. Every situation seemed to be an opportunity to slight each other.

Enter Jacqui.

After an initial consultation I decided that working with her was the way forward. I followed her process (if that’s the right word) to the letter. Emotions surfaced that I never knew existed, physical tears of pain and anquish were released during our meetings but Jacqui just ‘knew’ what to say and how to say it.

She introduced me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as ‘tapping’. I thought that EFT wasn’t for me and was all a bit woowoo. But I still secretly do some when needed.

She also practised some clinical hypnosis with me. Again, me being the eternal cynic poopooed it at first.

I had never kept a daily journal, Jacqui introduced this practice and it became a positive comfort.

Jacqui spent time with my Step-daughter (she’s 17) to look at our interactions and to dig deep into our ‘issues’.

I can honestly say that by the end of our time working together Jacqui has ‘repaired’ our family and the Dad/Step-daughter relationship.

Even months down the the line we work on our relationship and welk being. We can now talk frankly to each other, we go out to lunch, watch a movie, cook dinners and cherish our family life.

I’m in absolutely no doubt that she has transformed both our thinking and actions and made our ‘blended’ family life something to be proud of.

Thank you, Jacqui.

Lotti her dog is awesome too!

Phil Sweet, March 2020

Before the session with Jacqui, I was finding it hard to feel safe and trust myself, my decisions and other people. I had suffered some losses that had left me feeling unworthy and withdrawn.

During the session, I was reassured and made to feel safe and comfortable. This meant I was able to heal the part of myself that felt guilty and ashamed, and trust in myself and my decisions again.

After working with Jacqui, I am able to tune into a feeling of safety, love and connection much more easily and am able to be hopeful about the future. I find myself smiling for no reason and looking forward to building healthy relationships again.

If you want a deep way to heal old core wounds, I’d recommend matrix reimprinting with Jacqui as she is a friendly, knowledgable practitioner and amazing lady. Thank you, Jacqui!

MJB, London, August 2019

I had a wonderful EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting session with Jacqui last week.

With her professional but loving way of guiding me she helped me uncover and solve the root cause of not feeling free performing for groups and on stages.

Jacqui was really holding the space for me, guiding me in the right way and give me all the support, love and strength I needed to have a major shift. I also really liked her way of doing suggestions to help me create a save place for my younger self in this session.

At the end of last week, I had to host an online group of women. I had a nervous feeling for almost a month now, but after this session I felt it had changed. Instead of feeling so nervous, I found out the nervousness was gone and has changed into a kind of readyness to host and facilitate this group with a new kind of confidence. I was really amazed about this shift. And ofcourse I was very happy with that.

So if you are looking for someone to assist you in making changes in your life, I would highly recommend Jacqui. She is very professional in what she does and can really help you to get results out of the sessions.

Thank you Jacqui for your support.

Esther, June 2019

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