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Helping High Functioning Professionals to Overcome Stress, Exhaustion and Burnout

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If you’re a high-achieving professional who’s feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of work, you’re in the right place.

In the fast-paced world of executives and leaders, success often comes at a cost - neglected wellbeing, stress, exhaustion, burnout and dissatisfaction with life.

Picture having a Consultant who understands the intricate dance between professional responsibilities, personal fulfilment, and health.

That’s my role as an Executive Wellbeing Consultant.

Stress, Exhaustion and Burnout
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By the time people begin working with me, they’re often on the brink of a health crisis. The threat of long-term sickness looms large, and they know something needs to change.


When you work with me, I’ll be your partner in health, guiding you to understand the root cause of your stress, exhaustion and burnout symptoms. It won’t be what you think it is!

I will help you to identify and overcome the underlying causes which are negatively impacting on your overall wellbeing and productivity. No need for any more habitual responses which are nothing more than coping mechanisms..

Together we will develop a plan to resolve the underlying causes and poor habits making a healthier mindset the easiest option so you can emerge on the other side thriving, enjoying optimum health, energy and vitality.

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Having spent 25 years working as a Family Lawyer I understand the pressure that highly demanding roles involve. I have seen an increase in sickness and ill-health in the past 5 years, as people’s stress has increased.

I suffered stress-related sickness herself, which led to a diagnosis of cancer. In my journey to recover my health, I saw the importance of identifying the underlying causes of my poor health in order to fully recover.

Seven years on I enjoy full health and better levels of energy than in my thirties!

I know first-hand the pressure you’re under in your corporate role.

And I understand how that pressure can impact every area of your life.

It’s not just physical health that’s affected. Relationships, family, finances, social life - they all take a hit.

I am committed to helping other professionals avoid losing their health and to enjoy high levels of health and energy. I trained in a range of mind-body techniques, including NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Health Coaching.

I have a private practice and works with individuals and in-house in organisations. I also speak across the UK on how not to lose your health under pressure.

With my extensive experience and track record of success, I’m committed to working with you to identify the underlying reasons for your stress, exhaustion and burnout so you can transform from simply surviving to truly thriving.

If you’re ready to restore your zest, click the link below to book your FREE 15-minute consultation call.

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